As if the explosive event that was Phlit and Kangman's concert wasn't enough already to boggle the minds of the mediocre tastes that seem to reign the European continent, they insist that your attention be drawn to yet another event. This time in Brussels, capital of that same mediocre continent mentioned above.
Two different designs have been made for the flyer to announce this happening at the edge of reason. You're clearly being warned twice: this surely will be a party that's not to be lived without...

One Month Ago It Was Christmas Party

Friday 25th January 2008
Doors: 20h30
Where: Arts-ô-Bases (Ulenstraat 43, 1080 Sint-Jans Molenbeek)

UPDATE!! a totally excessive and glamourous poster has been made that includes both flyers and even adds one in the same act. Click and enjoy!

To make the start of the new year even better than it has already been we've decided to offer you, totally free of any charge, a selection of tracks to listen and download. Almost all of Lama's current releases have at least one track available. Discover the adventurer within you and happily plunge through the discography in the catalogue list. Happy new year indeed!

Kaspas Hauser Records lets us know that they still have a few copies left of the Phlitman & Kangaroo Live CD which is easily acquired by going to their label's site: click here.



Don't miss the following irresistible opportunity to meet your favourite dysfunctional, audiologically challenged, musical masterminds:

JAY PHLITMAN & KIM KANGAROO LIVE! (with Aloysius Domino and David Treesome)
Friday 7th December 2007
Doors: 20h00
ABSOLUTELY FREE!! (bring your pets along for even more excitement!)
Where: MOD (Bootstraat 9, 3500 Hasselt)

To all that have been mailing us eagerly to know the exact details of the Lama-Podcast: your wait will soon be over. The last decisions about its where and when are being made as we speak!

For those of you that are less patient Kaspar Hauser records has released a very decent compilation of live tracks by Jay Phlitman and Kim Kangaroo. To make a copy of this decidedly essential release your own, direct yourselves without further ado to the label's site by clicking here.



At long last the site has finally gone live.
No more distant travelling for the greatest tracks on this side of the Milky Way. Green arrows in the catalogue indicate availability! Send a list with your orders to the adress on the contact page. And if feeling so inclined, please do browse through Lama Recording's colourful and desastrously glorious history of unrestrained productivity. We hope that it may shed some light on what still remains to be Belgium's best kept secret!

IMPORTANT UPDATE! (1st July 2007)
Two upcoming releases will see the light of day soon:
- Phlitman & Kangaroo, "On the tip of our tongues...", a double-disc release featuring tons of older work.
- Kim Kangaroo, "Old Works 3"

Also, Lama Recordings will start a podcast shortly. Just in case you MP3-carrying hipsters don't have a CD-player at hand.