Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo

Perhaps the most important outing of the Lama-clan. Regularly sighted with concerts all over the globe, Kangaroo and Phlitman proudly carry out the Gospel.
Because you wouldn't have it any other way...


lama T002 "There's Land Under The Snow" MC 199?
lama 002 "The Philip Eats Donuts In The Jungle EP" 7" 1997
lama 003 "The Christmas With Hugo EP" CDr 1998
lama 006 "Sapori" CDr 2000
lama 008 "The Dancing Men EP" CDr 2001
lama 008/5 "Elbow Me Gently"

CDr 2001
lama 014 "Jazzmasters" CDr 2005
lama 000 "The Lama Invitation Tape" MC 1991
???? "De Trip" CD 1995
zemog 001 "Zemog Inc. Presents..." CDr 2006