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It's a Lama! Recordings? (1997-today)
Les Chiens Comiques "On A Ghostship To Hollywood" 7" 1997 €2,50
Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo "Philip Eats Donuts In The Jungle EP" 7" 1997 €2,50
Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo "The Christmas With Hugo EP" CDr 1998 n/a
Various Artists "The Buddy Project Phase 1" CDr 1999 n/a
The Rejected Erections "Sperm Galore" CDr 1999 n/a
Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo "Sapori" CDr 2000 €4,50
The Lama Home Band "Deux Ma Sacoche" CDr 2001 €6/4,50
Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo "The Dancing Men EP" CDr 2001 €4,00

Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo

"Elbow Me Gently" CDr 2001 n/a
Kangman & Zonen "Pas Op, Zwenkt Uit" CDr 2001 n/a
Modern Bog "The First Casket" CDr 2003 €5,00
Various Artists "Ghosts Are Very Strong" CDr 2003 €10,00
The Lama Home Band "Sans Culottes" CDr 2004 €5,00
Kim Kangaroo "Giant Dead Lip Samba" CDr 2004 €4,50
Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo "Jazzmasters" CDr 2005 €5,00
The Blutch Adventure "The Ultimate Collection Parts 1-5" 2CDr 2005 €13,00
The Lama Home Band "Sparedbirthmarks" CDr 2005 €5,00
Kim Kangaroo "Old Works Part 2 (1988-91)" CDr 2006 €4,50
Kim Kangaroo "Rain Washed My Tongue" CDr 2006 €6,00
Spoedbult "Natuurtroebel" CDr 2007 €9,00


Lama Tapes (1991-1997 & 2006-today)
  Various Artists "The Lama Invitation Tape" MC 1991 n/a
The Ketchup Cowboys "The Ketchup Cowboys" MC 1989 n/a
Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo "There's Land Under The Snow" MC 199? n/a
Tom's Toilet Foundation "Is There A Fireman In The House?" MC 1991 n/a
Kim Kangaroo "And Oops To The Other Wolves" MC 1991 n/a
Les Chiens Comiques "Crotte Et Carottes" MC 1993 n/a
Tom's Toilet Foundation "30 Songs About Nothing" MC 199? n/a
Kim Kangaroo "Rain Washed My Tongue" -- n/a n/a
Various Artists "Fab First Five" 2MC 199? n/a
The Lama Home Band

"Eppe Komoke" MC 1997 n/a
Muscly Women "Muscly Women" MC 2006 €5,00


Fuss Records (1983-1985)
unknown artist "unknown title" MC 1983 n/a
Situation "The Mysterious Fisher" MC 1983 n/a
701 Triangles + Horse Cyclone "A Sandwich in a Hotdog Bar" MC 1983 n/a
Modern Bog "First Casket" MC 198? n/a
Various Artists "Mountains Don't Laugh" MC 198? n/a
701 Triangles "Grey" MC 198? n/a
Modern Bog "A Lullabye / The Wind 1" MC 1984 n/a
Modern Bog "The Diary of God / Luluwap!" MC 1984 n/a
Modern Bog "Bear Loves the Sheep / The Wind 2" MC 1985 n/a


Old Fuss (198?-1983)
Situation "Slowly Slowly" MC 198? n/a
Situation "Monsters on Journey" MC 198? n/a
Situation "unknown title" MC 198? n/a
Situation "Jolly Devil" MC 198? n/a
Situation "A Phantom in the Bakery" MC 198? n/a
Situation "Cold Sweet of the Carnival of Death" MC 1983 n/a
Situation "Ominous Danger" MC 1983 n/a
Situation "The Silent Shepherd" MC 1983 n/a